History of New Uni

It is 4 year that The New University has become one of the accredited higher education institutions in Georgia and it occupies a decent place among the other Universities. Over 500 Georgian and Foreigner students study in the New University, on the following accredited programs:

International Relations;

Business Administration;


According to the New University’s goals and objectives, the main priority of the New Uni is students to get educated in accordance with the modern standards, to be qualified for employment standards imposed by the private and public sector in Georgia.

The New University is in cooperation with the foreign countries and it has signed a number of agreements of mutual cooperation with different Universities abroad. On the basis of the agreements mentioned above, students of the New University are actively educated in different European countries.

The New University promotes students' personal improvement; it helps them to discover the opportunities for their further development. The New University offers students the best education and successful professional career.

The Great Success Starts With The Right Choice!

What We Offer You

The modern academic programs based on European Standards and highly qualified, experienced academic personnel in the New University, grants you the possibility to get qualified education.

The New University presents:

  • Cozy and friendly atmosphere;
  • Modern infrastructure equipped with latest technologies;
  • Interesting student projects;
  • The New University aims to:
  • Promote realization of personal potential;
  • Promote students' creative skills;
  • Preparation of the Students with competences compatible to contemporary necessities for employment market;
  • Ensuring competitiveness on the labor market for Students with higher education;
  • Promote international mobility of students and academic personnel;
  • Get the best education and successful professional careers.

    The Great Success Starts With The Right Choice!

       Our partners

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Tbilisi, Article 3 of the array, I-6 of the block, block 7a

e-mail: info@newuni.edu.ge
Tel: +995 568 89 99 98