New Higher Education Institute is a student’s and personnel’s personal and professional development-oriented educational institute with the following mission:
Preparation of specialists who will have an education, skills, democratic values and civil self-awareness relevant to the requirements of the knowledge-based society;
Encouraging the development of student-oriented learning processes, realization of their personal potential and development of their creative and practical skills;
Proposal of higher educational programs that are relevant to the changeable society and the labor market and preparation of competitive specialists for their future employability;
Encourage the mobility of students and academic personnel;
Within a bachelor’s program providing students with high-grade knowledge of the field and producing the base skills for conducting a research that provides the opportunity for continuing learning on the next level of education.

 Goals of New Higher Education Institute:
Providing students with high-quality higher education that is relevant to the requirements of the labor market and the potential employers;
Preparation of well-qualified, competitive specialists;
Providing a student-oriented, modern learning environment; implementation of the newest methods of teaching and learning and the usage of modern technologies in the process of execution of the educational programs;
Execution, development and constant care about the improvement of the bachelor’s academic higher educational programs;
Integration in the world educational sphere, organizing the exchange programs and multifaceted events with Georgian and foreign higher educational institutions and sharing each other’s experience; involvement of foreign specialists in the learning process;
Encouraging the mobility of students and academic personnel;
Constant care about development of the academic personnel and carrying out relevant activities;
Providing relevant learning conditions and environment for vulnerable students and for the students with special need.

The vision of New Higher Education Institute is to be a student-oriented higher education institution that will be relevant to the European standards and will have the trust and public acceptance not only at the local but also at the international levels.

Values of New Higher Education Institute are:
Aspiration toward uninterrupted development
Academic freedom
Justness and equality of rights.