Funding for students with disabilities and large family members

Tbilisi City Hall will start accepting applications from May 18 to finance tuition fees for students with disabilities and large families registered in Tbilisi in the spring semester of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Students will be funded with no more than GEL 2,250 and no more than GEL 1,125 per semester, depending on the student’s average academic achievement in the previous semester, namely:

More than 90 – including 100 points – 100% of the semester amount (GEL 1,125) for students with large families and students with disability status;

More than 70 – including 90 points – 100% of the semester fee (GEL 1,125) for students with significant or severe disability status, and no more than 70% (GEL 787.50) of the semester fee for students with large families and moderately severe disabilities for students with status;

Exclusive or less than 70 points – not more than 70% of the semester fee (GEL 787.50) for a student with severely or significantly pronounced disability status, and not more than 50% (GEL 562.50) of the semester fee for students with large families and moderately disabled students.

To receive funding, a student must submit the following documents to the Tbilisi City Hall:

Personal Statement;

Copy of ID card or copy of Georgian citizen’s passport;

Disability status or

Certificate confirming the status of a family with many children from the relevant administrative body;

Certificate from a higher education institution, which should include information on student status and annual fees;

Academic achievement rate / extract issued by the higher education institution on the subjects and assessments passed in the previous semester;

Banking of a higher education institution

Details / Invoice.

Certificate of registration in Tbilisi (at the moment of submitting the application, the student must register in the territory of Tbilisi Municipality for at least the last 6 (six) months).

Applications will be accepted from May 18, 2022 and will continue until June 10 (Chancellery of Tbilisi Municipality, N7 Shartava St.).

Students can also submit applications in the service centers of Tbilisi district administrations or on the electronic platform: (electronic signature is required in case of special equipment).

The Student Support and Career Development Center wishes you good luck!