A new higher education institution is announcing a grant competition to prepare a textbook in support of the academic staff’s research activities.

Competition deadlines:

Receipt of grant application: 30/03 / 2021-12 / 04/2021

Grant application review / selection: 13/04 / 2021-26 / 04/2021

Announcement of the results of the grant competition: 28/04/2021

The grant competition will be held in accordance with the “Rules for organizing, evaluating and financing the research activities of the new higher education institution” (see the link: http://newuni.edu.ge/…/upl…/2021/04/dafinansebiswesi.pdf

Grant applications will be accepted through the Office of the Office of the new higher education institution Working days: Monday-Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00. (Address: Tbilisi, Giorgi Chkondideli № 56) or the electronic version of the application is available at: info@newuni.edu.ge;

The title field indicates: “Grant Competition 2021”

The results of the grant competition will be published on the website of the institution.

Coordinator: Nodar Grdzelishvili – Professor, Head of the Scientific-Research Center

Tel: +995 599 903 202; E-mail: nodargrdzelishvili@newuni.edu.ge

Scientific-research center wishes you good luck!