In 2021, the students of the New Higher Education Institute-NEWUNI’s undergraduate program in tourism, led by Professor Manana Aladashvili, became actively involved in the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation’s movement “Tourism Without Borders” project: “Florence in the World and World in Florence”.

The project was coordinated by Dr. Simone Giometti, Executive Director of the Foundation, and Nana Tsikhistavi, Head of the International Relations Service, Affiliated Associate Professor from NEWUNI’s side.

In November 2021, the first online symposium was held “World in Florence” in Florence(Italy), at which NEWUNI students, with the support of professors and the Kvemo Kartli  regional administration, presented the theme: “Cultural Diversity of Kvemo Kartli Region”, as well as posters depicting Kvemo Kartli’s cultural and tourist sights. Lamara Bekauri, a specialist of the Tetritskaro Municipality Culture Service, supported and assisted NEWUNI in the preparatory work.

NEWUNI students and professors were awarded certificates by the Del Bianco Foundation for their active participation in the symposium “World in Florence”.

The NEWUNI administration congratulates all the participants and wishes them success in their joint work, which will continue in the future.