Tbilisi Municipality is implementing a program to finance the education of socially vulnerable students, which aims to promote access to higher education for socially vulnerable students and increase student motivation.
The program finances a citizen of Georgia, a person registered in the territory of Tbilisi Municipality, who has been enrolled in a Georgian language training program, undergraduate or graduate program, integrated undergraduate and graduate teacher training program, in accordance with the law. Integrated Veterinary Master’s Degree Program, Graduate Medical / Dental Education Program, or Doctoral Education Program; Is a student with active status and is registered in the “Unified Database of Socially Vulnerable Families” Legal Entity of Public Law – Social Service Agency and has a rating score equal to or less than 150,000 and in the extract from the “Unified Database of Socially Vulnerable Families” the city of Tbilisi is indicated as the address of the family.

Applications for financing the fall semester of the 2021-2022 academic year will start on September 10, 2021 and will last until October 30 (Address: N7 Shartava St.).

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