On June 6 of the current year, in the meeting hall of the Presidium of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, a meeting of the Commission for Comprehensive Study of the Georgian Mountains was held, at which Mr. Nodar Grdzelishvili, PhD of Economics, The Affiliated professor at The New Higher Education Institute-NEWUNI, read the report. The topic of the report was – “The main trends in the transformation of the Georgian economy.” The rapporteur thoroughly,

By compiling summary data, they discussed the contradictory processes of the Georgian economy from the 90s to the present day. He analyzed these processes and identified the factors that hinder the development of the national economy. In this regard, the focus was primarily on the economy.

On the need for state regulation of areas. Particular attention was paid to the importance of education and science for the successful management of the country’s economy.

Members of the “Mountain Commission” and specialists invited from higher education institutions took an active part in the discussion of the report.