Library is the structural unit of the institution. A responsible person for its efficient and effective functioning is the head of the library. Librarian is the person who provides people with the right of using the library resources and who carries out the following rule. The library has a reading hall equipped with the necessary equipment and is provided with the possibility of using computers, internet, printer, copier and a scanner device. The foundation on the print and electronic trainings of the library is fully compatible with the literature indicated in the training courses (syllabus). All the students, professors and employees have the possibility of using the library;


                                                  Use of Computers

  1. For using the library’s audio-visual technique (computers) the reader addresses the librarian to get the relevant material;
  2. If the reader does not own an audio-visual technique habits, librarian is obliged to help;
  3. While using a computer it is permitted to:
  • Enter and edit texts;
  • Search and download some Internet materials;
  • Work on literature with electronic versions;
  • Use CD disks, memory flash cards and diskettes when it is agreed with the librarian;
  • Use an e-mail;
  • Use the University website;
  • Work on training programs.
  1. Readers are permitted to use electronic, video, audio and print materials existing in the foundation (it is permitted to copy some printed materials).


 Conduct Norms and Responsibilities

  1. It is not allowed for a library unit to damage a printed document or a digital train. In case of the damage, the librarian establishes an act and the administration determines the financial sanction with taking into account the needed amount of money for restoring the damage thing or for buying a new one. The reader is obliged to pay the prescribed fee;
  2. In case of loss of the library unit, the relevant act shall be made with reference to its value;
  3. The value of the lost or damaged unit is determined by the market price that is added to the value determined by the financial sanction, no more than 100% of the principal price.
  4. In the reading hall, tobacco smoke, loud conversation, use of a mobile phone is not allowed. In case of failure to meet these requirements, the librarian is entitled to request a person to leave the reading hall.