Mission, goals, vision and values

The New Higher Education Institute-NEWUNI mission is:

Training of Knowledge-based civil society and labor market-relevant democratic values, civic self-awareness, competitive specialists with education, providing them with quality knowledge;

Development of student-centered teaching, realization of their personal and professional potential, creative, research and practical skills, promotion of students’ success by offering a variety of academic, professional, financial support mechanisms;

 Develop research activities and integrate results into the learning process.


 The goals of the New Higher Education Institute-NEWUNI are:

  • Highly relevant to potential employers and labor market requirements offer quality of higher education and ne qualified, competitive training of specialists;

  • Implementation of higher education programs to improve them constant care, introduction of the latest teaching-learning methods and modern use of technology;

  • Creating a modern student-centered learning environment;

  • For students with special needs and socially vulnerable ensuring appropriate learning conditions and environment;

  • Integration into the European Educational Space;

  • Promoting/ encouraging student and academic staff mobility;

  • Constant care for the qualification improvement of the academic staff;

  • Contribute to community development and social support offer events;

  • Promoting graduate employment and after higher education provide the opportunity to continue learning at the level.


The New Higher Education Institute-NEWUNI is in line with European standards, focused on the personal and professional development of the student and staff; A Higher Educational Institute, which offers to the public educational and social support, has a high confidence and universal recognition locally and internationally.


The values of the New Higher Educational Institute-NEWUNI are:

  • Fairness and equality;

  • Good faith;

  • Striving for continuous development;

  • Academic freedom;

  • Teamwork

  • Transparency